_The Magnetic Landscape

Stainless steel installation at Wuhao Curated Shop, Beijing China

The installation represents a metallic lake of magnetic surface covering the 15 square meter old pond while its shape follows the its original wavy shore. On top of the surface, two completely identical monoliths arise. They are faceted blocks of sleekly polished stainless steel – silver mirrored for the faces looking inwards the lake, black mirrored for those facing outwards. These large monoliths rest on a hexagonal base of 35 cm x 100 cm, then narrow to a 60 cm long blade on the top edge at the height of two meters.

The combination of those multiple mirrors creates an environment where all the surrounding elements, such as the sky, rocks, trees …  are being reflected and appear in surprising positions and perspectives. By entering the installation, the complexity of the reflections, and the fact that even the floor is a mirror itself, are challenging the perception of space. Thus one happens to stare in the mirror, but  instead of seeing one's own reflection, rocks will appear in the sky - while stepping on a cloud. Some elements disappear, while others are infinitely repeated. In its depth and clarity the stainless steel surface of the lake catches the beauty of nature and it magnetically charges every image that is reflecting upon it. A door to another dimension can be found – in ones mind stepping through the monoliths.

The Jiashan of Wuhao is considered as a highly spiritual place in Beijing, it is pure and mystic, it is a crossroad of energies, a magnetic point. It is the perfect location to build an altar dedicated to the power of magnetism.

My Magnetosphere is eternal and therefore, through my Magnetosphere, I am Eternity.