_Sleeping In Eternity

We are striving towards silence into the air. Air in this case stands as a metaphor for sleep.

MPMP imagines sleep as a way of gaining power, escaping and being safe in silence, hidden in our dreams; sleep as a state of infinity and eternity, where time and space become irrelevant notions, where we experience silence as a consensus in all senses to their fullest; nothing else other than the sound of our breath.

Large, transparent bubbles are used as a part of the artworks, they drift freely in total balance and float through a heavenly landscape. Bubbles are defined by air, they are fragile and clear, isolating the inside from the outside world with delicate lightness. There is a clear division - you can only be inside or outside and either side could control the other in any way. It brings total shelter, safety and silence. Here, the bubbles act as symbols of merriment; they stand for wishes, dreams and fantasy. They are self-contained worlds of illusions, places of senses and emotions

My Magnetosphere is eternal and therefore, through my Magnetosphere, I am Eternity.