_Eternal Infinity

Eternal return to the infinite zero, the departure which never starts though always in run, timeless infinity and space-less eternity, the choice which would never be made but multiplicity of directions to choose. In fact there is no such thing as contradiction- nature could kill and killing could save the life. Poisoned wind blows strait to the face but the face takes its refuge in the void where impossibility to breath makes breezing possible. The focal point is moving and becoming transparent mirror point through its endless re-shifts and once there will be no point any more only traces of moves and shifts, only invisible maps of becoming something else. The least we can do is to change the angle of our perception by reinstalling our bodily devices to the extent where the real and virtual are mixing up in the void of infinite eternity.

Max Mikhail Ryleev
Independent thinker/writer/researcher/ poet/visual artist about MPMP

Photos by Matthieu Belin

Make up : Marian Woo / Models : Liu Yu / Producer : Liao Dan


In Chaka / Mongolia