On the boarder of Europe and Asia, lies a Russian city and a mountain called Magnitogorsk which translates in English to “Magnetic Mountain" and its name speaks for itself. Magnitogorsk is a mountain of iron ore, a natural giant magnet - black and mysterious. The magnetism which emanates from within, is so powerful that any form of life around it, is doomed to feel discomfort. Because of the mountain's natural magnetic power a clock's pendulum or the needle of a compass stop functioning - which makes time and space to become almost irrelevant notions. Looking at this from an energetic level leads one to the paradox of life and the ambiguity of a place so sacred and yet so deadly. This vision is also the source of the utopian theory behind Magnetosphere Prospecting & Monitoring Program / MPMP. The mountain represents the coexistence of universal paradoxes and relates to the human spirit trying to find alternatives in ways of understanding the nature of things and ourselves in relation to the scale of the universe. The Magnetosphere within and beyond the mountain is a representation of an energy that permanently surrounds us, but also resides within our selves. My Magnetosphere is eternal and therefore, through my Magnetosphere, I am Eternity.


In a society that got conditioned to focus a lot on profane concerns and the psychological idea of realities, MPMP wants to remember alternative ways of manifesting our ideas and ideals by focusing on the essence of the coexistence of nature, spirit and science, which is more important than trying to understand life on a rational level. MPMP sees Magnitogorsk and the Magnetic Mountain as a symbol for contributing to the manifestation of a higher level of consciousness, beyond the hypocritical approach of selling hopes for a New Age. The lack of awareness nowadays is the result of years of denial of our natural forces and only through opening ourself again to science and nature at the same time, we can reach both a physical and metaphysical future. MPMP agrees that the main problems of modern civilization are caused through neglecting intellectual theories and those of science. The appreciation of the beauty of thought and the value of our imagination to create a better future got more than just lost along the way. Therefore MPMP created an Agenda, based on the strong belief that only through the experience of the meaning of infinity and eternity,  the next level can be reached: the stage of magnetic awareness. We call this agenda the Magnetic Agenda and it contains different steps and procedures intended to prepare ourselves for a move towards what Magnitogorsk stands for. The Magnetic Agenda is a guideline and a virtual journey to Magnitogorsk. So far MPMP has reached five important stages on this imaginary Magnetic Agenda and visualized those steps through artworks, ceremonies and collections worldwide.


MPMP evolves through the stages of the agenda and the projects are landmarks and stepping stones ... satellites bringing the soul of each collection and artwork a bit closer.


The Ignition of the Magnetic Agenda : The concept of The Rock is visualized in different works creating a scenery for the observation of magnetic energy. The awareness of a magical place which is eternal and infinite. Aesthetics are very cold, dark and dramatic and at the same time the main artwork is playing with multiple mirror effects. The mirror can be seen as a symbol of truth, reality, self reflection and light. The mirror stands for coexistence, for both sides of the spectrum and opens a door to a virtual world. The mirror stands for a beginning, a first step to the other side. The audience is on the safe side as it stands with it feet on the magnetic lake, yet it looks as if it is walking in the sky, watching the dramatic wide-open landscapes passing by in its energy and becoming more and more aware of its own power. Everything in this stage is based on distance, reflection of light and the magnetic energy created through beautiful stainless steel mirror surfaces. The main aspect is the trust in science and the power of nature. MPMP visualizes this and creates a shelter on the way in the future.


The next stage of The Magnetic Agenda is the way through the sea. The aesthetic is clear, clean and cold. It's about merging with the sea - water surrounding us in every direction while diving into the roaming ocean. Water is seen as a symbol of motion, change, a turning point to jump and step behind the mirror surface. Water means life and recreation, it embodies the idea of cleansing and purification. The strong, powerful ocean and the awareness of its immensity - where all life comes from. Everything in this stage is a mystery. The magnetic energy catches us and guides us towards unknown shores. There is no clear shape or structure. The main aspect is the unpredictability of the water we are drowning in and which we can not control. The only way out is to flow, trust and lose ourself in its nature and to let go of our convictions and fears. The Sea is mainly visualized through various prints and a video-installation.


After being washed up on the shore, we catch our breath, look up at the blue skies, feel the air filling our lungs and realize that breathing is what keeps us alive. We feel the electricity and magnitude of the heavens in a humbling reflection of the freedom the skies have to offer. But in a physical existence in Beijing that freedom is sometimes taken away from us by its deadly, man-made pollution. Thus, artworks represent the inherent ambiguity and take us to a beautiful Mongolian salty sea in the desert where water reflects the sky and artworks perpetuate those skies on floating materials, offering illusions to find one's way back into the air.


From the sky, we can see the magical forest sparkle through the clouds. Slowly we descend to earthly grounds and into the forth stage of the agenda: the forest - representing intense energy, growing confusion and beautiful chaos of creation. It's a symbol of your thoughts and our own mind. MPMP visualizes a wild, deep forest which is like a labyrinth, constantly growing and changing - it's the idea of total living. Life in all its chaos and overwhelming mess, thoughts are dying while new ideas emerge. The forest is confronting nature and the growth of energy. We have to stay isolated and enter a state of meditation and surreal tracking through the labyrinth of our brain. The main artworks are playing with dreams and illusions.


Walking out of the foggy woods and moving towards the glowing abyss, we are taken to a point of self-awareness, where the subject becomes the object. The spirit unfolds and unconsciousness shifts to consciousness. The abyss wants to show us our own desire and its magnetic energy - that we can not resist. The point of nothingness, the unknown depth and an eternal free-fall. The abyss as a symbol of strength, awareness and belief in our own imagination. Inspired by poems by Theodor Roethke, the aesthetics of this stage on the agenda are dark, but not cold and play with glow-in-the-dark elements in contrast to beautiful visuals of clouds, night skies and seashores, which give us an idea of what is waiting for us in the abyss. At this stage, time and space become irrelevant notions and only imagination is driving our attempt to cross the abyss. Self-consciousness becomes the soul and the abyss is the birth of the spirits.