MPMP creates art and designs for people who look to find inspiration, beauty and a new outlook to the future. MPMP is a vision inspired by an utopian theory that arose from an imaginary journey to the magnetic mountain of Magnitogorsk. By creating and producing items that encourage people inspired to reflect, MPMP believes that it can help raise the level of consciousness towards both nature and our own human experience. Setting the bar in technical and self developed fabrics, MPMP attempts to follow the idea of enhancing and accentuating the powerful forces of nature and then apply those to fashion and art pieces in projects worldwide, hence allowing for continuous research and feedback. MPMP was founded in 2011 by Katrin Reinfurt in Beijing.


Katrin Reinfurt graduated from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna in the master class of Raf Simons in 2004. After her studies she moved to Antwerp to work for Walter Van Beirendonck. In 2008 she left Antwerp to gain more experience in different fields of fashion and started working for a Swiss company designing outdoor collections. In 2009 she quit her job and moved to Beijing to start working on a PHD about utopian theories. She gave lectures at the Beijing Design Institute and started her research.


Based in China, MPMP creates items that look as if they came from high-tech industries, but are in fact handmade in its own studio and local workshops in Beijing with care and love for detail. The energy put into every single piece comes from a passion for the unseen rather then from industrial machines stitching together prefabricated materials. Our fabrics were almost always created with a different use in mind, but are individualized and combined by MPMP, which results in materials following designs - rather than the other way around. The trust in modernism, the shift of our reality towards a world where technology and science can create a sustainable future leads to the idea of enhanced nature and is expressed through this range of self-developed fabrics. 9.13.. stands for infinity, MPMP stands for eternity.